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Air,Water and Land and tui calling

Air, Water and Land (woodcut) 2018

Tui Calling (oil on canvas) 2020

Gayle Forster’s expressive and colourful works reflect changes that occur within our environment, either through human intervention or natural forces.

Her formal educational background, (Ilam University, New Zealand, Central School of Art, London and Yoshida Hanga Academy,  Japan), was focused on the print, especially the woodcut. Her studies evolved, combining the pictorial and conveying aspects of eastern and western woodcut applications and extending these into paint and print on paper, wood and canvas.


Since 1979 Gayle Forster has been participating in solo, group and selected exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia. Her themes, women (their concerns, dilemmas) and the land and its use.

"All this preparation it's so unnecessary - or is it?"

"Storyscapes" was published in 2010 and reflects upon the  changes that the landscape of The Port and Bank Peninsula Hills has undergone from its fiery beginnings to its present state. (visit publications)

Changing the Landscape 1

In 2015, to be closer to her family and her origins, she moves from Christchurch to live at  Mangawhai Heads, North island.  Her first theme was a personal response to the sea and the forces of water that for her, resembled  the turbulent changes she experienced during the Christchurch earthquakes and the need for adaption and change.

In 2017-2020, she continues with themes concerning changes to the land and issues that arise. The Pohutukawa tree,  its beauty,  and its vulnerability. The coastal birds with  their refuge on the Estuary and the local Sandspit.

Gayle is available for commissions or purchases. Contact Gayle

Growth (mixed media)

Growth, 2018 (Mixed media)